There’s been talk of Bryan Fuller putting together a reboot of The Munsters for NBC for a while now and it looks like it is not only going to happen, but Bryan Singer is going to be directing the pilot and executive producing the series along side Fuller.

This is Fuller’s second attempt at the series in two years. I like Fuller and really loved Pushing Daisies, but this is just not something that needs to be made. The original Munsters was a classic and all the attempts to remake the show have been… well, they’ve been crap.

Part of me wants this to succeed just because Fuller deserves a notch in the win column, but the grumpy old man in me wants them to stop messing with good, old programs. Very few classic shows like this have been brought back successfully. The best was probably The Adams Family, but that was a couple of movies. Some might argue that it is harder to make a movie than a TV series, but think of it this way. A movie is one plot that lasts 90 minutes. A one hour TV series is at least 13 hours of programming with at least 13 plot lines.

Source: Deadline