Ever dreamt of buying paper from “The Office’s” Dunder Mifflin? Well now you can.

Staples-owned site Quill.com has worked out a licensing agreement with NBC Universal to sell Dunder Mifflin brand paper, the paper sold on the hit NBC show “The Office.”

According to Sergio Pereira, Quill’s chief marketing office, says this new marketing strategy is an effort to fight against the “race to the bottom in the paper business.”

The Dunder Mifflin brand paper is pretty much what you’d expect. Regular paper, but encased in a package that feature copy from show such as “Our motto is, ‘Quabity First'” and “Get Your Scrant On.”

Like the fictional paper company, real world paper companies are struggling in the ever-increasing paperless world. Sales have been declining about 3% per year in recent years.

Quill hopes that this new crossover will provide them leverage by bringing a brand to consumers that is already part of popular culture.

The licensing agreement is set for two-years with NBC Universal receiving 6% of the revenue from the paper sales.

A crate of Dunder Mifflin paper can be yours today for $34.99. It’s too bad you can’t actually buy it from Michael Scott…

Source: WSJ