Fans are buzzing about the huge amount of mutant love that FOX has for Bryan Singer lately. Not only do they have him locked in for “X-Men: First Class,” but rumors are abound that they want him to direct another X-Men movie and the second Wolverine movie.

Well, according Drew over at Hitfix, it looks like Singer might not be able to make any X-Films any time soon.

The problem is WB and the film “Jack The Giant Killer.” Word is that the film is so deep into pre-production that FOX is quietly shopping around for a new director for First Class. As Jack shifts into production mode, word is that Singer will be tied to that beanstalk for at least the next twelve months.

If there is any bright light to this tunnel it is that knocking him out of First class and Wolverine 2 will still leave him wide open for X-Men 4. That’s great because maybe he’ll be able to help us all wipe that last crap storm from our collective memories.

Source: /film