There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen yesterday’s Bumblebee trailer. Sorry that we didn’t have it up. Ironically, I was dealing with some actual problems with a Volkswagen for most of the day. Anyways, I’ll post the original trailer for you at the bottom of the post, just in case you missed it. In the meantime, we’ve got a new Russian trailer from the film that includes a ton of new footage including how Bumblebee pics his cover identity and an extended version of the Soundwave/ Ravage clip.

This is the first Transformers film that we’ve felt excited about around here. Just the first trailer was more enjoyable than the last four films. If this movie is half as good as it is looking, it is going to be a real shame when they reboot the entire TF universe to fit into the upcoming Hasbro shared cinematic plan that will also include GI Joe, Micronauts, and Rom the Space Knight.

Here’s the original trailer from yesterday: