There are reports that Capcom, the video game company that brought us classics such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil, has asked Hollywood production company Screen Gems (a division of Sony Pictures) to develop a “Devil May Cry” live-action film.

Not having learned anything from “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li,” but have had success with “Resident Evil” Capcom seems keen on bring Dante to life. Fans hoping that this feature would have the old Dante might want to brace themselves however, as the film will be based on the new Dante design for the upcoming series reboot/prequel, “Devil May Cry.”

Because it’s still very early in productions, not much else is known other than the fact that Kyle Ward has been hired to write the live-action project. Ward is responsible for the movie adaptation of “Kane & Lynch,” another video game adaptation.

Below is a trailer for the new DMC the movie would be based on:

Source: Kotaku

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