Thanks to Joblo, we’ve got a lot of new details on some of the characters up the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. Let’s dive in.

1. Black Panther – We already know that T’Challa will feature into the movie, but we now know (allegedly) that he’ll start out on the side of Tony Stark and eventually switch over to Cap… not before the two have a Vibranium claw vs Shield battle. We also know that Black Panther will have some sort of Panther Jet… so expect that toy and LEGO set to hit shelves eventually.

2. War Machine – He’s back and his suit is bigger and badder than ever. Along with a new “tank-like” look, he’ll also have a new shoulder cannon which can be detached and “used as a kind of warhammer/baton.”

3. Hawkeye – Not much on him other than he’ll be adding a little more purple to his outfit, coming ever closer to his traditional comic book costume.

4. Giant Man – That’s right, Scott Lang will not only get shot from one of Hawkeye’s arrows as Ant-Man, but he’ll also sport a new “modern/techno stylish” outfit for his big debut as Giant Man… I wonder if this means the end of Paul Rudd’s character based on the original Civil War Comic. If I remember it right, Goliath was killed by Tony Stark’s Thor Replicant, Ragnarok.

5. Falcon – He’s got some upgrades and additions. Fans can expect to see wrist lasers, grappling hooks, and, finally, Redwing! He won’t be an actual bird like the comics, but a bird drone… which makes a lot more sense then him controlling a bird with telepathy.

6. Captain America – His armor will finally get the trademark chainmail that he’s known for.

Source: Joblo