So far, the footage for Captain America: Civil War looks pretty spectacular, but one of the big questions is how closely will the new film follow the original story from Ed Brubaker’s comics. We know that the movie is going to open with Peggy Carter’s funeral. That’s no real surprise or spoiler. She’s got to be in her late 80’s by now and was bedridden and suffering from what appeared to be Alzheimer’s.

Thea big rumor/ spoiler is that the film will end with a funeral as well… that of Captain America’s. Now, in the comics, Cap turns himself him to get amnesty for the heroes who followed him in the Civil War. Then, he’s assassinated by Crossbones on the steps of the courthouse. We don’t know if this is exactly what will go down, but we do know this:

Apparently, three different scenes have been shot, showing three different people taking up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers is murdered: Bucky, Falcon, and Agent 13. Now, in the comics, both Bucky and Falcon have taken up the shield, but never Sharon Carter. It sounds like the three versions were filmed just to keep the movie from getting spoiled (TV shows have been known to shoot multiple endings to protect secrecy as well).

As to how true this is? Well, it comes from Latino Review so it’s a 50/50 shot.

Source: LR