No, the company isn’t going the way of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (Though that would be cool). What they are doing is teaming up with UNICEF for a program that combines kids power, fitness trackers and charity in a pretty cool new way.

In the new partnership, the chain will begin releasing UNICEF’s Kid Power Band (a child version of the Fitbit). The point of the band is twofold. First, it will hopefully inspire all the chubby, screen addicted kids to get off their asses and move. Second, it will allow them to earn points by moving that can then be redeemed through the “kid power app” to provide meals for less fortunate children around the world… you know the ones who can’t afford food, let alone their own fitbits.

How far does your kid have to walk to feed a hungry child? Well, for every 2,500 steps a child takes, he or she earns one Kid Power Point. It takes five points will unlock one packet of food.

The bands will cost $39.99 a piece and will be available in orange and blue for the regular versions and black or white for the Star Wars Force For Change versions

Souce: Inhabitots