In what might be just about the stupidest and most pointless death we’ve ever heard of, a 20 year old Aussie, Acton Beal, fell 70 feet to his death while trying to “plank” on a 5 centimeter wide balcony rail in a hotel in Brisbane Australia.

What is planking you say? It is an internet craze that started in Europe and Japan where it is called “The lying down game.” In Australia, where there is apparently nothing better to do, the craze has taken on the name planking. To participate, all you have to do is lie face down on something that you generally aren’t supposed to. Then, have your friends take a photo as proof. The result has become an internet pissing match to see who can lay on the most outrageous thing.

It actually became popular in Australia in late March after Rugby player, David “Wolfman” Williams, did it in the middle of a game.

The Australian Planking Facebook page has over 86,000 followers and is getting more popular by the hour.

Things had gotten bad enough that last week police had to issue a warning about the … “sport”… because they arrested someone for planking on top of a police car.

Just to add that extra bit of class… a planking group… yes, there are actually planking groups, is planning a 21 prank solute today for their fallen comrade.

A planking group is reportedly planning a “21 Plank salute” for Mr Beale in Federation Square today.

Source: Herald Sun