Depending on how you look at it, Point Break was either a really awesome movie, or a really crappy one. However, it made money so that means the studios are making a sequel. We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s the casting list that producers are trying to fill for the movie before it goes in front of cameras in a few months. What do you think? Potentially great film? Or Steakout 2 Electric Boogaloo?

Producers also after the following roles to be filled :

Female lead – that of Dalton’s love interest, Teela. Hawaiian Model Tracy Bautista, who had a recurring role in the “Fantasy Island” revamp a couple of years ago, is said to be one of the beauties under consideration for the part.

AGUNG – An Aggressive menacing and threatening young Indonesian man, he wears a nose-ring and hates foreign visitors. At a local bar, he instigates a fight with Billy and Teela. Agung and his band of thugs carry machetes and guns, and they aim to emulate Dali and Teela’s sea pirating, but without the social conscience. They demand that Teela had over her stash og antibiotics and hold a knife to her throat. It turns out Agung may be in cahoots with McCoy, but that doesn’t stop him from shooting McCoy when it serves his purposes…. LEAD (15)

BUFFALO – A “HAwaiia Da Hui-type” he is part of Dali’s clan of surfer thieves. During heists, he wears a mask of Colin Powell’s face. Buffalo and Dali laugh about Billy’s attempts to surf the waves of Ombak, and Buffalo’s not sure they should trust Billy, but the also help him recover from his injuries. During a fracus with Agung, Buffalo swings his opponent around like an Olympic hammer thrower… SUPPORTING (24)

TAY – in his 20s ultra fit he’s a Japanese/Korean man and he’s part of Dali’s clan of surfer thieves. During heists, Tay wears a Donald Rumsfeld mask to hide his identity. When Billy is injured, Tay fixes him back up, using a combination of lime juice and super glue. He is amused by Billy’s reactions…. SUPPORTING (24)

KADEK – This tough Indonesian guy is Agung’s lieutenant and sidekick who spies on Billy and Teela. He is pleased when he locates the money that Teela and Dali have stolen… SUPPORTING (20)

GIBSON LEE – In his early 50s, Asian-American, he is difficult to read and keeps his feelings hidden. He’s an ex-military man who used to track down PTSD soldiers and turn them in. Now he runs the Clear-Water Maritime Solutsion private security company out of Singpore. He offers Billy money and honourable discharge papers in exchange for Billy’s help… 1 speech &11 lines, 2 scenes (20)

BOARD-SHAPER – this board-shaper at a Kuta board store is a bit nervous and a lot skeptical when Billy orders a tow-in board. He doesn’t want to help Billy and risk the local’s wrath… 1 speech & 9 lines 2 scenes (36)

CAPTAIN – The Captain of the Johannes Geise Vessel, he calls “mayday!” when the Bush Gang of criminals boards his ship. He is forced by Dali to open his safe… 3 lines, 3 scenes (83)

RADAR MAN – this Asian or Malaysian crew member on a container ship tries to contact an old power boat that’s having engine trouble, and freaks out when he sees, over the security monitor, a man in a Cheney mask board the ship and wave a gun… 5 lines 2 scenes

PILOT – the pilot of Gibson Lee’s Zodiac boat, he is resigned to the fact that they’re going to be stuck in the water for a while… 2 lines 1 scene (105)

In the pic, set to lens in March, Expert surfer and daredevil Billy Dalton is recruited to help track and capture a group of infamous sea raiders. The raiders are known for wearing masks of prominent members of the Bush administration while boarding container ships off the coast of Indonesia and stealing money and medicine from the captain’s safe.