Looking for a new take on Batman? Maybe you’d like to see how the world’s greatest detective would be portrayed if he was based out of Eastern Culture instead of being born of the West? Have we got a treat for you.

Batman Ninja was first announced at NY Comic Con and it looks absolutely nutty good. It’s different than anything you’ve ever seen with Batman in it and it is also very different than the Madhouse produced Marvel animes from around 5 years ago. It’s pretty hard to explain. You just need to watch the trailer and fall in love (or hate) with it yourself.

One thing is for sure, the film which is set to hit Japanese Theaters before getting a blu-ray release in the US next year is going for broke. Instead if focusing on a smaller story to get viewers invested in this new take on Batman, it looks like they have tried to jam in as many characters as possible just in case they get a chance to make some toys, or don’t get a chance to make a sequel. Along with Bats, the other characters popping up in the trailer includeL the Joker, Nightwing, Robin, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and Gorilla Grodd.