It has been just about a week since Marvel announced that they were tapping the same actor who had played Johnny storm to play the role of Steve Rogers, and the net has been buzzing ever since. There has even been a flurry of fan-made posters showing off what people might think he’ll look like in costume. Last night, MTV actually caught up with Evans got him to spill a couple details about the part.

The first tid bit was, unlike Thor, Cap will not be making a cameo appearance in Iron man 2. However we do know that he’s already had some conversations with “The First Avenger’s” director Joe Johnston.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Joe’s going back to October Sky and I really appreciated the way he can bring out a character’s strength, while still allowing them to show emotion and vulnerability. Steve Rogers is a pretty tormented character at heart if you really think about it. He might be nearly indestructible, but inside he’s still that 96 lb weakling. Joe and I are really interested in exploring that more vulnerable side of the character. “

The final bit of information he let out was actually a little bit surprising.
“Ya, Cap’s still got the shield and the stars and stripes, but we are talking about some things we can do to make him a little more friendly to an international crowd. “

I don’t know about you, but I’m having flashbacks of “G.I Joe.”