In an exclusive interview with Empire, Chris Evans spoke to them about the challenges the design team is facing and how Captain America is going to look compared to the leaked concept arts from last month.

According to Evans, “It’s an amazing costume. Given the fact that his costume is red, white and blue, and it’s tight, and it could be kind of flash and over the top – and given the fact that the movie takes place in the ‘40s and ‘50s – they’ve done a really good job of making it look really cool.”

And not oblivious to the howls of the Internet, Evens also added, “I think everyone that’s going to see it is going to say, ‘Okay, well done. Well done. I think they got the costume right. The casting they completely ruined, but the costume they nailed!'”

In comparison to his Johnny Storm suit in “Fantastic Four,” Evans thinks the Cap costume is “a little more cumbersome”

“It doesn’t exactly breathe the way the Fantastic Four costume breathed, but it’s the way it should be. Any type of World War II uniform would be a little chunky, and I think that’s what kind of gives it its character.”

As for the shield, Evans noted that it was heavy and that they have created six different looks for him to hold.

“We’ve been testing a lot of shields. Last time I was in London they had six shields and I had to hold each one, see if I was comfortable with each one, see which one we all thought had the right look.”

“Captain America: The First Avenger” is due to hit theaters July 22, 2011

Source: Empire