We’re used to seeing Chris Hemsworth playing alongside The Incredible Hulk as Thor Odinson in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now he’ll be taking the mantle himself, but not the hulk from the comic books, the wrestling icon who wants to know what you’re gonna do when Hulkamania comes for you?!?

THR is reporting that Joker/ The Hangover director Todd Phillips will direct the film for Netflix along with producers Michael Sugar, Bradley Cooper and Hogan himself. We don’t know too much about the project other than that and the fact that it will thankfully focus on Hogan’s early days as a star of the World Wrestling Federation and the beginning of the Hulkamania cultural phenomenon of the 1980s. It will thankfully not be based on the recent sex tape/ racial slur scandal and the ensuing lawsuit which caused the downfall of Gawker.com

With Hogan serving as a consultant and executive producer on the film, it’s a safe bet that the movie won’t touch on anything too controversial or detrimental to his image. It will more likely be a love letter to the rise of one of the biggest wrestlers of all time and the era that made him famous.