One of the biggest scourges of the environment is single-use plastics. In fact, hundreds of cities and countries around the world have announced bans on them or plan to phase them out in coming years. While the best solution is always going to be re-usable replacements for things like straws and plastic silverware, they aren’t always practical. For that reason, several companies have started developing green options that can be eaten as part of your meal or that will fully decompose in a relatively short period of time.

Enter the Mexican company, Biofase. They have just unveiled a line of disposable straws and cutlery that are made from recycled Avocado seeds! Along with being a much more ecologically sound product than plastic disposables, these products are fully biodegradable and will completely decompose within 240 days.

The company is currently shipping its products to more than 11 nations throughout Latin America. Chili’s Grill & Bar, Fiesta Americana and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro all also order Biofase products, but it is unclear whether they only do so in Latin America or if they also do it for their North American locations.

The Biofase products are great for the environment on both sides of the waste prevention scale. Along with keeping literal tons of plastic waste out of landfills, the ocean, and off the side of the road, the company also processes more than 15 metric tons of Avocado waste on a daily basis. This is waste that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill where it would have been buried under mountains of trash and would have eventually been converted into methane.

You can learn more about Biofase HERE.