Warner Bros has announced that they will be releasing “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” in theaters on November 5th 2010.

As of now, no plot information has been released and no word of whether or not Kal Penn and John Cho will reprise their roles. It becomes more complicated especially since Kal Penn has announced his leave of absence from acting in order to join President Obama’s administration as a liaison for Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.

Over at IMDB however, both Cho and Penn are listed to return with information updated May 6, 2009. Guess it’s a wait and see. Perhaps neither actors have forgotten their lovable stoner roots and misadventures.

Of course, rumors are already buzzing that if Cho and Penn are unable to commit, the third installment would be a prequel of sorts with a cast of different actors playing the two stoner BFF during their teenage years.