Despite earlier buzz about the Ignlourious “Basterds” Oscar winner Christoph Waltz playing a Spider-Man villain in Marc Webb’s “Spider-Man 3D” reboot, the rumor has since been debunked.

According to Superherohype who spoke to inside sources involved with the production, “There is definitively no truth to this rumor.”

The anonymous source goes on to say that it’s just “wishful thinking” among the bloggersphere and that “when the role is cast, there will be a great actor involved.”

So there ya go, wishful thinking swiftly and immediately dashed. Waltz would have been a fantastic villain, although I wasn’t too sold on him being Dr. Conners/The Lizard. I guess it now becomes another guessing game to see who Sony will cast and who’ll end up ultimately doing battle with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man on the big screen.

“Spider-Man 3D” is expected to be released in 3D and 2D and will hit theaters July 3rd, 2010.

Source: Superherohype