Christopher Nolan the director of “The Dark Knight,” “Inception,” “The Prestige” and other greats has caught the producing bug. He’s presently producing “Superman: Man of Steel” at Warner Bros. and now has started work on a supernatural thriller based on a novel.

Deadline has announced they’ve hired Keith Gordon to direct. Some of us true geeks will remember Keith as the lead in John Carpenter’ s “Christine,” Brian DePalma’s “Dressed to Kill” and co-starred in “Back to School” with Rodney Dangerfield. He’s also been busy directing his films include “A Midnight Clear,” “The Singing Detective,” and “Waking the Dead.” He’ s also been hard at work on some hit shows: “Dexter,” “House M.D.,” and AMC’s newest hit, “The Killing.”

They haven’t released the book title yet and there isn’t much more information on the film other than it’s a supernatural thriller. The guy running point on the film is Nolan’s ex right hand man Jordan Goldberg. Nolan’ s wife is an exec producer on the project as well.

Source: Deadline