Two big bits on Josh Trank today, the man who made ‘Chronicle’. First up, it looks like he might be getting a Marvel movie after all, just not the one that he wanted. According to the LA Times, Trank is actually in talks to do film on Venom, the uber popular Spider-Man Villain.

Here’s what the LA Times had to say:
The studio is negotiating with Josh Trank, the hot director of this winter’s found-footage hit “Chronicle,” to take the reins of the Spidey spin-off, said a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly. Sony was not immediately available for comment.

That doesn’t mean that he’s done hoping for his Fantastic Four Reboot. Here’s what he recently told Empire Magazine about his vision for a film of one of America’s oldest Super Hero teams.

“I’m interested in character and interpersonal conflict,” he revealed when asked about what his vision for a reboot featuring the team would include. “What’s cool about Fantastic Four, which is an amazing property, is that these are people who started out as human beings, for the most part. Coming to terms with with humanity is the biggest challenge, not the villains they face.”

Source: LA Times