Aldis Hodge is an actor that has been busting his butt up the ladder for years. His first gig was actually all the way back in 1995’s Die Hard With A Vengeance, but I became a fan of his during his run as Hardison on a show called Leverage. Since then he’s gotten bigger and bigger roles, including playing MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton and his lead role as Decourcy Ward on Showtime’s City on a Hill. He also had notable roles in both Hidden Figures and What Men Want. Now it looks like he’s just signed on for one of the leading roles in the Blumhouse remake of the horror classic, The Invisible Man.

In the horror remake, Hodge will be playing the male lead of the film. He’s a police officer and a single father who has a deep relationship with the film’s female lead, Elisabeth Moss. The actual Invisible Man has yet to be cast, but this version of the story will see him as a tech titan. This makes sense as the film’s writer/ director, Leigh Whannell, has proven that he’s more than adept in dealing with the idea of the abuse of tech in his last hit, Upgrade.

Joining Hodge and Moss in the film is Storm Reid, who is set to play the daughter of Hodge’s cop.