Paramount Moves has decided to move up the release date for the Coen Brothers-directed western “True Grit” by three days.

Originally scheduled to open on Christmas, Deadline reports that it has been moved up “to build audience awareness going into the holidays.” The decision was made by the Paramount execs after having seen the finished film by the Coens. It must have been one hell of a movie so now instead of opening on Christmas Day (a Saturday), it will now open three days earlier.

The Coen brothers haven’t disappointed and I can honestly say “True Grit” is one of the movie that I’m looking forward to this holiday season. I don’t think anything can touch it aside from Disney’s “TRON: Legacy” which opens earlier in December.

If you’re not familiar with “True Grit” check out the trailer below and mark its premiere on your calendar right now!

Source: Deadline