This has been one of those on and off rumors for quite some times, but according to what I would assume legitimate sources (The New York Times), “The Hobbit” will be in 3D (insert sad face here).

It wouldn’t just be a cheapo conversion too, according to reports. “The Hobbit” will be filmed in 3D, a decision that was made purely to extort more money out of film goers. It’s a fact. 3D films generate more revenue. And as they say, if you build it, or in this case, film it, they will come.

But wait, does this mean actual progress for the film adaption? Yes and no. While filming it in 3D has already been confirmed, the film still hasn’t been greenlite by the studio. We can only assume it will be very very soon.

What do you all about “The Hobbit” being filmed in 3D? Does 3D really make a difference in your movie watching experience? Let us know.

Source: NY Times

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