While Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad might not have been the most loved clown prince of crime that the franchise has scene, he definitely is the Joke that people seem to be most openly divided on. Still, it’s a role that Warner Bros has thrown a lot of weight behind and one that should be good for at least a few more appearances in various Batman related films. However, the recent rumors that Ben Affleck wants out of the cape and cowl, the news of deepening responsibilities behind the camera for Geoff Johnns and Joss Whedon, and the Comic Con news that the Flash movie will be called “Flashpoint” have set fans to wonder whether or not the studio won’t take the opportunity to rebrand the DCEU, starting with Flashpoint. That could potentially re-casting several characters throughout the DCEU. In fact, In the comic book version of Flashpoint, The Joker is actually Martha Wayne, who has gone mad after her son Bruce was killed in an alley while their family was walking home from the theater. That universe’s Batman is actually Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne.

This brings us to the most recent news about Jared Leto. Several industry sources have him in talks for the Valliant Comic Book adaptation of the series, Bloodshoot. While I can’t imagine any actor less suited to the role of Bloodshot than Leto, it could be the opportunity he is looking for to jump ship and head off to a comic book universe that doesn’t have quite as much baggage as Marvel or DC.