Crisis on Infinite Earths has been heading towards the CW Arrowverse since the end of last year’s Elsworlds crossover event. It’s here and it not only opened up with a bang, but it also closed with an event that is sure to shock fans. If you haven’t seen the episode. Stop Reading Now! Otherwise, just scroll down a bit and you can hear about what happened and watch the clip for yourself.

We aren’t kidding… Don’t scroll any further!

We Warned you!

OK. Tonight’s episode of Supergirl also served as the opening episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths. The show started with a montage of the crisis event as it started to effect reality after reality. In the process, several familiar faces made great cameos. We started off with Robert Wuhl (Alexander Knox from the 1988 Batman movie starring Michael Keaton). Next up we saw Hank Hall and Jason Todd from DC Universe’s Titans series, followed by Earth X’s The Ray. That is some serious muscle to launch a crossover event.

However, by the end of the episode, muscle wasn’t enough because The Green Arrow had fallen. We entered into the series knowing that Oliver Queen was fated to perish, but no one was expecting it to happen in the first hour of the event. There’s a good chance that we’ll see another Oliver pop-up to fill his shoes for the rest of Crisis, or perhaps it will be his daughter. Either way, fans did not see this coming.