Variety has just announced the CW’s fall premier schedule and … Everything thing old is new again. It all starts September 8th with a line up that vaguely reminds me of middle school. That’s right, the first two shows premiering this fall over at the CW are 90210 and Melrose Place. I swear its like deja vu all over again.

The roll out continues Sept. 9 with the two-hour premier of “America’s Next Top Model,” followed Sept. 10 by the premier of “Vampire Diaries” and return of “Supernatural.”

On Sept. 14, The “Gossip Girl”-“One Tree Hill” slot swap will take effect.

The regular Wednesday slate of “Top Model” and new drama “A Beautiful Life” arrives on Sept. 16.

CW’s Friday lineup of “Smallville” and “Top Model” repeats will materialize on Sept. 25.

It didn’t actually say when Smallville will be returning, but you can bet that its somewhere in that time frame. I’m just sad to see a CW line-up without Reaper in it.