A lot of fans were a little bummed out when last year’s crossover between CW’s The Flash and then CBS’s Supergirl revealed that they two characters existed in alternate universes from each other. A big part of that was because the shows were on separate networks. Now that they are together on CW, it looks like Flash’s upcoming Flashpoint storyline might provide them with exactly what they need to bring the characters together.

There is a rumor circulating through BleedingCool which claims one of the lasting ramifications of the events of Flashpoint will be that Supergirl will become a permanent fixture in Earth 1.

“As of the upcoming Flashpoint crossover storyline, Supergirl will now be a part of the main DC TV universe. Only Barry Allen will know that they were once separate… any remaining continuity issues will be handwaved as ‘a time traveller did it.'”

This is actually pretty huge for the CW universe. While Kara has only been on the scene for a little while as Supergirl, her cousin, Superman has been around for years. That means that Superman now has a permanent presence in the CW universe.

Source: CBM