This is a story that will upset some people, but most people won’t care. The CW’s Supergirl will be getting an updated costume when the show returns in the fall. Instead of the traditional skirt, Melissa Benoist’s Cara Danvers will be sporting a full-bodied super suit that is much closer in style to her cousin, Superman.

The news was teased yesterday, but an image was released online today showing off the fully-clothed hero. Aside from the aesthetic decision, there were actual practical reasons including weather and range of motion that impacted the change. Benoist spoke about it with EW in a new interview:

“We’ve been talking about pants since season 1. Every time a writer from the show has come up, and it’s freezing cold in Vancouver, I’m like, ‘Guys, please can I not wear tights?’” I love [Kara’s old costume]. I haven’t changed it because it so works, and I think it is very Kara. I’ve always felt that — until recently, I’m like, ‘Something’s gotta give.’”

“I just think it’s more adult. Part of my goal in this whole series for whenever the show ends, I just want there to be a very clear arc for this character that she evolved as a woman and found her femininity and her adulthood, just a self-discovery.”

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