Same-sex relationships are a normal part of society. In comic book movies, human relationships are just starting to get to a place where in-movie society mirrors the real world. In Avengers: Endgame, one of the Russo bros played a man dealing with the loss of his partner in a support group attended by Captain America’s Chris Evans. In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, two women kissed after the film’s climax, and in the upcoming Eternals movie, the film is boasting that we’ll get the MCU’s first trans relationship. However, it looks like the little mutant movie that no one really thought was going to get released will actually have Disney/Marvel’s first lesbian love story.

In a new interview with EW, director Josh Boone revealed that the first horror film from Marvel will also be the first to feature a fully explored LGBTQ relationship between the two characters of Wolfsbane and Mirage:

There’s a beautiful love story at the heart of it, which I know is a weird thing to hea. It’s sort of the spine and focus of some of the character-driven stuff in the film.”

Masie Williams, the actress playing Wolfsbane had this to say about the relationship:

“Rahne and Dani have a telepathic connection in the comics, and so we just wanted to extend that in the film and put that within reality. If they really could understand each other on that level, then you’d probably end up falling in love with that person.

It’s not really a story about these two characters understanding their sexuality. It’s not centered around that and they don’t really necessarily label it. No one else does either and no one really questions it.”