Some of the biggest Marvel news to drop at d23 today was news that no one was really expecting. On top of the already loaded slate of MCU shows, Disney+ will now also be host to live-action shows for Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and the Kamala Kahn incarnation of Ms. Marvel.

There’s no word on when the new shows will stream, but they’ve got fans buzzing. Ever since Netflix brought Daredevil to life (The Affleck movie doesn’t count), people have been clamoring for Marc Spector’s Moon Knight to appear on screen. The only concern here is that the comic book tends to be fairly dark and brutal. It’s yet to be seen as to whether Disney+ will air a show that dark, especially when most of their other adult-oriented content is getting ported over to Hulu.

She Hulk and Ms Marvel will not only represent two strong female-led properties for the MCU, but Ms Marvel will also be the first Muslim hero to be featured in the MCU. Kevin Feige announced that her character will also be seen on the big screen, but we don’t know if that is through her own film or appearing in another film.

For She-Hulk, it will be interesting to see how much they play up her relationship with her favorite cousin, Bruce Banner. We are hoping that they keep this series on the lighter side and focus on the comic book runs where she was best known as the lawyer for superheroes in trouble.