Yesterday, we reported the Joe Carnahan’s Daredevil pitch to FOX wasn’t exactly a winner. Now, as we suspected, this means that the property will be reverting back to Disney/Marvel.

Since the project is already dead, Joe Carnahan decided that there was no harm in releasing his pitch and sizzle reel via twitter to his fans so that they could see what his vision for the film would be. In stark contrast to the Ben Affleck disaster, Carnahan’s version is set in the 70’s and would have had a a feel that was a lot closer to the stories that Frank Miller had brought to the book. The bad guy was going to be the Kingpin, but it wasn’t going to be cheesy like when Michael Clark Duncan played the role. (No offense to the guy, I don’t blame him for anything other than taking such a poorly written role.)

Carnahan released two versions of the sizzle reel, a PG-13 version and an NC-17 version. Check them both out below: