The folks over at /Film came across a great interview with Brian and Wndy Froud. If you are a Jim Henson fan then you have already stopped reading and are watching the video. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Brian and Wendy are the geniuses behind the design for the props, sets and Muppets that you fell in love with during “Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.”

Ever since we started YBMW, we’ve been talking about the alleged sequel to “Dark Crystal” and it was starting to look like we had a better chance of getting monkeys to crap gold than we would of ever seeing the movie. Well, the happy couple, who were promoting their new fortune-telling card set, “The Heart of Faerie Oracle,” they are insisting that it is on the way… and more.

They say that they’ve not only done some designs, but they’ve also talked to the director and been involved with the script. I just hope they are going with the story from the manga and not the cheesy 200 years later storyline.

More good news, they also said that they are working on some new Dark Crystal Graphic Novels as well…
Dark Crystal’s future is looking pretty bright.