THR is reporting that Sofia Vergara, best known for playing the younger second wife of Ed O’Neill on the hit show, “Modern Family” has just been cast as the boss of Niel Patrick Harris in the upcoming CGI/ Live Action Smurf Epic.

In the film, which will be coming out in 2011, Vergara will portray Odile, a powerful executive at a high-end French cosmetics company who is the boss of NPH.”

Jayma Mays From Glee and Hank Azaria who is best know for his work on The Simpsons also are cast in the movie, which will begin shooting soon in NYC.

I’m all for the cast and I’m actually looking a lot more forward to seeing a Smurf Adaptation than a Marmaduke movie, but what happened to the original pitch? When they first announced the film, it was going to be a multi part film with an epic, LOTR type feel to it… now we’ve got cosmetics companies and the film being shot in NYC? Something doesn’t quite smell smurfy here….