I grew up with Bryan Cranston as the bumbling dad on Malcolm in the Middle. Now most of the world knows him as the troubled drug dealer/ cancer patient on ‘Breaking Bad.’ If that doesn’t show range, I’m not sure what does. Now, it looks like Cranston is moving more and more towards the big screen. Not only was he in ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and has upcoming roles in the Tom Hanks/ Julia Roberts movie ‘Larry Crowne’ and the Disney Sci Fi extravaganza ‘John Carter of Mar’, but now it looks like he’s up to play the big bad in the remake of a 90’s action thriller.

That’s right, he’s in talks to be the bad guy in the remake of ‘Total Recall.’ I’m surprisingly excited about this remake just because the original happened at a really interesting time in Hollywood SFX. While most films today use CGI, Total Recall used mostly miniatures. It was the last big budget film to do this. They were also one of the first films to really utilize CGI in the X-Ray scenes. Seeing an update could be really impressive just from a design perspective.

Also, come on… try to tell me that you aren’t curious to see what 20 years of special effects advancements can do for a three breasted woman!

Source: Deadline