It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about director Darren Aronofky’s “Robocop” reboot, with the last thing being Aronofsky’s refusal to acquiesce to MGM’s request that it be filmed in 3D. But to ShockTillYouDrop last night at the Wolfman premiere, “Robocop” writer David Self says that Aronofsky is still on board. Here’s what Self had to say on the matter:

“I’m still involved with it and Darren Aronofsky’s still involved with it. He’s making another movie right now (Black Swan), but we’re waiting for MGM, to sort things out since they’re a large corporation and it’s a situation where we have to be practical. We’re waiting to continue with them, we hope that that happens soon and we can get back to it soon.”

This sounds like reasonable good news and it makes sense as MGM’s financial situation is in dire need of a reboot itself. As Collider writes, “[MGM’s] already in tricky situations with The Hobbit and Bond 23.”

Overall, there seems to light at the end of the tunnel for Aronofsky’s “Robocop” reboot and bring back to life a ’90s franchise that killed itself with a film called “Robocop 3.”

Source: Collider