It isn’t quite the “Cartoon All-Stars” anti-drug special from the 80’s, but DC is putting their super power cred out there for a really good cause.

Just a few days after the “geek lobby” united to take down SOPA and PIPA, DC comics is enlisting them in a much bigger fight, the war against hunger in Africa. Their new “We Can Be Heroes” campaign is the images of the Justice League to support Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps’ humanitarian in Africa. Most efforts will be focused in the horn of Africa where war has been a major problem and over 13 million people are in major need of food, water and medical assistance.

All donations made to the organization will be matched 100% b DC. Also, 50% of any of the charity branded products will go to the charity. DC’s goal is to raise at least $2 Million dollars over the next two years.

Here’s the official statement:
“The members of the Justice League are an international team of super heroes beloved by a broad range of fans, including men and women, young and old. This makes them the perfect ‘spokescharacters’ for this campaign,” said Nelson. “Their dedication to social justice and commitment to band together to defend the helpless brilliantly supports the ideals of the We Can Be Heroes campaign. The hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa is something we can reverse if we all work together. I’m proud and grateful we’re able to harness the power and standing of the DC Comics brand and iconic characters as well as for the support from both Warner Bros. and Time Warner that has allowed us to pursue this unprecedented initiative.”

Source: Comics Alliance