When I was Younger one of the greatest TV events was Stephen King’s It. Even today people are still talking about Pennywise the clown and how they won’t go anywhere near sewer grates. There’s hardly a TV watcher from the 90’s who doesn’t shudder a little bit at the words “we all float down here.” Heck, I wouldn’t eat fortune cookies for a month after seeing that mini series.

Sadly, you just can’t leave well enough alone in Hollywood. If there’s a chance to squeeze a last dime dime from a property, some producer is probably going to do it. Enter Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is doing “It,” tapping Dave Kajganich to adapt Stephen King’s novel, with Dan Lin and Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison producing.

Kajganich is also writing “Escape From New York” for Neal Moritz.

Great, they can’t even leave Snake Plissken alone.

Source: Variety