This isn’t the normal type of story for us, but in a world where Kevin Spacey can be taken out of a film because of sexual misconduct allegations, this is something that we might want to keep an eye on. TJ Miller was recently under fire for some stuff that got him caught up as a target of the #metoo movement. When that happened, there were some people on the internet calling for him to be yanked from the upcoming release of Deadpool 2. The call for his removal died down, but today Miller is finding himself in much hotter water with the law.

Last month, the Silicon Valley and Big Hero Six actor allegedly got drunk on a train and tried to hit on a woman. When he failed, he called 911 and told authorities the woman had a bomb in her bag. Miller was so drunk that he actually called in his bomb threat for the wrong train. He was on train #2258, but he told authorities he was on #2256. After a drunken screaming match on his train, he was actually kicked off at the next stop. On Monday night, he was arrested at LaGuardia Airport while re-entering the country from Canada.

He was charged with “intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut.” If found guilty, the actor could find himself in prison for as much as five years. He’s currently out on $100,000 bail. You can bet that he will probably be kept out of marketing for Deadpool 2, but I doubt they’d go back and pull him out with less than 2 months before the film’s release. Stranger things have happened.

Source: Page6