It was reported a few days ago that a second post credits scene was added after the initial previews of the film. I don’t know if I’d call it a whole second post credits scene as much as I’d call it an extension of the first one.

The scene riffs off the final scene from Ferris Beuller and it features Deadpool in a bathrobe in what looks like a similar hallway to the Beuller family hallway. In it he tells you that he’s got no scenes for you to tease the sequel and that they don’t have the budget to bring out a big star like Sam Jackson in an eye patch.

Then, after the screen goes black, it comes back and Deadpool announces that Cable will be co-starring in the sequel. They haven’t cast him yet, but they are looking for a big flat headed guy like Mel Gibson or Dolf Lungren.

This could mean that we’ll see a Deadpool sequel before we see and X-Force film. Perhaps the two will be directly connected. We can only hope!

Here’s a pirate video of most of the post-credits scene if you’d like to see it.

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