I played hooky for the first half of today so that I could get out and see Deadpool before the theater was filled with loud talking cell phone abusers whom Deadpool himself would probably decapitate just prior to dedicating down their neck holes. I was not disappointed.

From the very first shot of the opening credits, Deadpool was the movie that has been promised to us since they royally screwed up the character in the Wolverine movie that shall go unnamed. There are complaints about the film being over the top or too self-referential in the way it relates to super hero movies and even Reynolds previous attempts at the genre. To those people, I say piss off. It’s sort of the whole point.

Here’s what I saw: A film that had me laughing harder than most comedies. A film that impressed me with showing me what an actual battle with super powers would look like when you don’t have to worry about action figure sales or angry moms. The best use of Colossus in any X-Men related film. A surprising amount of heart from the Wade Wilson/ Morenna Baccarin plotline. And finally, one of my favorite Stan Lee Cameos since Mallrats.

Is it a perfect film? Hell no. There’s tons of stuff I could nit pick. Some people say Deadpool’s make-up wasn’t graphic enough. Some of his jokes didn’t land as well as they could have. It would have been nice if they held back a little more of the TJ Miller stuff from the trailers so I wasn’t hearing them for the 100th time when I saw it on the big screen. They probably could have cut the 4th wall breaking down by about 20%. Still, with all that said, I would say that Deadpool is not only well worth checking out, but it is also probably one of, if not the most faithful comic book film to be released, ever.

There are around 1.5 post credits scenes. They are funny and they give some information about future stuff, but I’ll write that in another post to keep this spoiler free.

If you can’t resist, you can read our post credits scene description HERE.