It’s not uncommon for changes to happen in a movie between the trailer stage and the actual film release. Hell, with Rogue One: A Star Wars story, we saw whole scenes that never made it into the film as well as some things that were created just for the trailer. So, it’s not surprising that fans have noticed a big change between the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and the new clip that has just been released. In the original trailer for the film, we see Hela destroy Mjolnir in what looks like a dark alley in NYC. However, the newest clip to be released from the film shows her crumbling the mystic weapon in an open field. What gives?

The good news is that you aren’t imagining things. As it turns out, there really was a change and director, Taika Waititi was more than happy to tell the folks at Digital Spy what happened.

“Here’s the thing, mate. Here’s the thing: Alleyways aren’t cool, and fields are cool, all right? Ask anyone. We originally shot some of that stuff in a setting that was set for New York, and what we wanted to do was to have them go down to Earth and they see Doctor Strange, but it felt too convenient that he was suddenly just down the road, in an alley, and also everything up until then had been so fast-paced and all over the place, we wanted to go somewhere peaceful and actually chill out with the characters, and be with Odin and pass this wisdom and stuff, and not have to hear stupid yellow cabs honking out the back.

“It just felt like a terrible environment to have a scene which could be very emotional for what happens with Odin and the boys, and the first time we’ve ever seen the three guys all together, and him telling them he loves them, and acknowledging Loki as his son. It was just very important for us to be in a kind of beautiful, peaceful environment.”

Here’s the original trailer:

Now, here’s the clip that was just released yesterday:

Source: digital spy