Talk about fan service. Director Len Wiseman is promising fans that his new “Total Recall” remake will include a three-breasted woman — just like the original.

“There’s different versions of the three-breasted woman and ours is its own take on the story, but you can’t make Total Recall without certain things,” he says about his re-imaged adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story.

“After I read the script I wrote a list out of the things that I remembered from when I was 15 of Total Recall before I went and rewatched Total Recall again, just to see what actually stuck with me. And those were things I want to pay homage to.”

Because the film is slated to be PG-13, Wiseman says there may be more than one version of her appearance and he plans on including more footage on the DVD (which will be unrated we think).

“I just shoot as I shoot. It’s not so much of now I’m going to do the rated-R cut but there’s specific things,” Wiseman says.

Wiseman does add however that he is having some trouble because his version, starring Colin Farrell, will have a more serious tone than the 1990 version. But he is determined to make sure he gets the much beloved three-breasted mutant in.

“I’m having trouble imagining how a woman with three boobs would fit into such a gritty, realistic, serious universe, but perhaps that just speaks to my own lack of imagination.”

Source: TV Shark