Matt Groening has become an icon for episodic animation. He not only created The Simpsons, the longest-running prime-time cartoon of all time, but he also created Futurama, The Critic, and Disenchantment, which is getting ready to return for its second season on Netflix. Of all the series, Disenchantment has probably been the hardest one to get into, but it’s developed a strong following and is looking to make a splash with big spoilers from the end of season 1 in the new trailer. We won’t ruin them for you, but everyone will know about them by the time the full trailer comes out next week. meanwhile, the complete 2nd season of Disenchantment drops on September 20th on the streaming platform.

Disenchantment is executive produced by Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein and stars Abbi Jacobson (“Bean”), Eric Andre (“Luci”), Nat Faxon (“Elfo”), John DiMaggioBilly WestMaurice LaMarcheTress MacNeilleDavid HermanMatt BerryJeny BattenRich FulcherNoel Fielding and Lucy Montgomery.