THR is reporting that Disney and Pixar are opening up a new animation studio in Vancouver this fall.

To accommodate a growing slate of nonfeature projects, Disney and Pixar will launch an animation studio in the fall in Vancouver. The focus will be on Pixar’s legacy characters, including Buzz and Woody from the “Toy Story” films and Lightning McQueen and Mater from “Cars.”

“The operation will be small in size and dedicated to producing short-form quality computer animation for theme parks, DVDs, television and theatrical exhibition … for several different divisions of the Walt Disney Co.,” Disney/Pixar president Ed Catmull said.

From the report it looks like the studio will house somewhere between 75-100 artists and will not do any 3d or feature work.

Why Canada and not California or anywhere else in the US? Simple, Canada had the tax incentives needed to draw the business.

The great news about this is that now there will be a lot more content of Pixar characters that actually look like Pixar Characters and not like cheesy morning cartoons. I’m talking to you Buzz Lightyear.