No longer “mighty,” the high-kicking, spandex wearing, earth saving, monster punching Power Rangers are no more.

After 17 long seasons, Disney has pulled the plug and canceled what was once a pop culture touchstone of the early 90s.

While there is no official word from Disney regarding The Power Rangers’ cancellation, the cast and crew were informed that the show has been dropped. News comes directly from local papers in New Zealand, where the series has been produced since 2003.

Although Power Rangers toys are still selling well, the show, which was based on a Japanese series, has since long over stayed its welcome.

Originally aired on Fox in 1993 as “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” on Saturday mornings, it has since moved to ABC and Disney’s kids cable channels in 2003. Although new episodes will longer be created, reruns will still continue air.

Source: NYPost