In case you missed it, Charlie Sheen and ‘Two and a Half Men’ have been in the news a little bit recently. IN the interviews and net postings and radio rants, most of Sheen’s anger is aimed at Chuck Lorre, the producer and creator of the show.

Chuck Lorre, in case you were unaware is not just a producer, the man is pretty much the King Midas of Hollywood. Aside from Men, here a short list of some of his other hits.

Dharma and Greg
Grace under Fire
My Two Dads
Mike and Molly
and, Big Bang Theory.

Oh… and he also wrote the theme song to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon.

One thing that sets Lorre apart from the crowd is that he ends every episode of every show he produces with a vanity card… a little letter to the audience. They are sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking, and sometimes they can get him in water.

A good example of the latter is a recent vanity card that ended with the statement: “I’ll be pissed if Charlie Sheen outlives me.”

Well, last night, Lorre put out a Vanity Card on the newest episode of Mike and Molly that, while very abstract, does seem to point to the fact that he is done with all things ‘Two and a Half Men’.

Take a look at it below, let us know if you agree… and more importantly, let is know if you know what the hell it means!chuck_lorre.jpg