In a surprising bit of news, it is now being rumored that one of the first projects that the new Disney studio chief, Alan Horn, wants to tackle is a reboot of the early 90’s cult favorite, ‘The Rocketeer.’

This is a very interesting choice because, while die-hards love the movie… it was a total bomb, bringing in just under $47 million dollars at the box office off a $35 million dollar production cost.

Word is that the studio is setting up meetings with writers and announcements could be in the offing shortly.

The biggest part of this news is that it came down from Alan Horn. He just recently jumped from WB to Disney and he could just as easily have made his mark on any of the established franchises like PIXAR or The Muppets. The fact that he’s interested in plumbing the Disney archive says good things about the guy and his willingness to look inward at the magic that made Disney what it is today.

That said… should he dare try to reboot Pete’s Dragon, then… well, I don’t want to threaten the guy with violence, that would be stupid. I’ll write some very sternly worded articles about it!

Here’s the trailer to the original, 1991 film:

Source: Vulture