In a twist of fate that sort of rekindles out hopes for a world without crappy remakes, Disney has pulled the plug on “Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”

According to Variety, not only has the film been halted, but McG has fled the drowning ship and left it directorless.

The studio confirmed that the studio won’t proceed with the film for now, and reps for the director confirmed he has withdrawn. McG will concentrate on other projects that include “Dead Spy Running,” a Warner Bros. drama that Stephen Gaghan is writing. McG is also attached to “Terminator 5,” though that movie is on hold indefinitely as the Terminator franchise works its way through bankruptcy court. McG just teamed with “Borat” helmer Larry Charles on a new NBC comedy.

On the upside, at least we won’t be seeing Will Smith as Captain Nemo… Now he can put all his energy into landing that Captain America Role he wants so bad.