Disney has had some huge successes with their recent return to nature documentaries. Disneynature has scored wins with Earth, African Cats and last year’s Chimpanzee. Now they are coming back again with a new film that they’ll be working on in the US called Bears.

The film, which secretly chronicles the lives and hunting patterns of chubby gay men with a lot of body hair…

No, sorry about that. Bears, which is currently filming in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, focuses on the brown bears who live on the coast of Alaska. As always, we can expect a mixture of action and tender moments with the creatures as the live, love, fight and build families.

“Our commitment to the production of Disneynature films is to capture nature on its own terms and its own schedule. These films are never rushed so that we can tell never-before-seen stories in our natural world that both astound and charm audiences,” said Alan Bergman, president of Walt Disney Studios. “Disneynature’s next adventure ‘Bears’ promises to continue this storytelling tradition by introducing audiences to a phenomenal variety of wildlife and offering rare glimpses into the day-to-day lives of these incredible animals.”

Bears will hit the big screen in spring of 2014.