According to new reports, there are only two companies in active talks with FOX about buying all the assets that they are looking to sell off. They are Comcast and Disney, but most news outlets are reporting that talks with Disney are far more serious and will possibly lead to some sort of announcement next week.

What does this mean? Well, it probably doesn’t mean that the X-Men are joining the MCU any time soon, but it could mean that the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and Galactus could all find themselves as important players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next chapters. It also means that Disney would now own the rights to franchises like Die Hard, Aliens, Predator, and Avatar. What they won’t be getting is sports, and the broadcast network Fox.

One of the interesting side effects of this is going to be what happens to Universal Studios amusement parks. If Comcast owns the parks, so if they win, everything stays the same. However, if Disney wins, life at Universal is going to get a little more expensive. They are already paying Disney royalties for their use of Marvel characters, but now they’ll also end up having to fork over money for continued access to the Simpsons.