THR is reporting that Warner Bros. have just hired David Frankel to direct “Septimus Heap: Magyk.” The choice of directors is pretty interesting. While his last movie, “Marley and Me” was a hit, it doesn’t neccesarily mean he knows his way around a fantasy.

Unlike the current fantasy staple for WB, Harry Potter, Magyk will be an animated series.

Based on the popular seven-volume children’s books by U.K. author Angie Sage, the series revolves around two babies who are switched at birth — one a boy who discovers his birthright as the seventh son of a seventh son and is destined to become a powerful wizard, the other a girl who is fated to become a princess.

More than 1 million “Septimus Heap” books have been sold in the U.S. so far, and the series has been translated into 28 languages. Other titles include “Flyte,” “Physik” and “Queste.”